Power Partnerships: When School and Public Libraries Unite


On Friday, June 14th YASD held its annual June Brunch. This year our brunch included a panel of four Librarians from Syosset. The panel consisted of three librarians from a public school setting: Syosset High School Education Technology Specialist Kristina Holzweiss, School Media Specialist Lynn Ortlieb and School Media Specialist Sarah Wasser, along with the Head of Teen Services from Syosset Public Library Sharon Long. The four did a wonderful job of presenting now only what they do but how they work together and ways that all school and public librarians can work together.

Syosset Public Library puts on SY-Con every other year and Sharon makes sure to get the school librarians involved. This included having Lynn be a judge for the cosplay contest. Sharon believes it is great to invite the school librarians and get them involved in large library programs. 

Together these awesome librarians are also planning an un-convention called Cardigan Camp where school and public librarians can come together to discuss the library world, what they have done, and what they will like to do. As it is an un-convention, the exact topics will be decided that day by those who attend.


They also encouraged visits and meetings between the public and school librarians. Public Librarians should invite School Librarians to visit their space and vice versa. Every year, Sharon, Lynn, Sarah and Kristina get together to discuss the school summer reading lists as well, making a great partnership between those assigning the assignment and those who will be helping the teens find their books for it.


Kristina also shared about the important of social media as a way to reach our patrons and share what we have to offer. In her e-mail signature she uses GIF made on EZGIF as a moving banner to help advertise. She also shared the QUIK APP to make presentations to share for class visits, PTA meetings and more.

Sharon, Lynn, Sarah and Kristina were all amazing panelists who definitely seem to enjoy working well together. The YASD Board Members and Committee Chairs are so grateful they were able to spend their Friday morning with us.



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